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K2700 BIG UP

Yenni Kurniawaty
Sales Executive

Enjoy your work K2700
The refreshed K-series truck from Kia is going to change the way you look at trucks. With greater utility and a level of refinement you would expect to find in only a passenger car, the K series truck not only makes getting the job done easier, it lets you do it in comfort.


Wider, longer, faster… simply better
The K-series truck is simply better than its rivals. Its sufficient loading capacity, class-leading engine and brake performance, aerodynamic styling and focus on driver refinements help you focus on the work at hand.

It’s all in the details
We’ve built a reputation for durability and value, and there’s no better example of this than the Kia K-series truck. With its modern looks, dynamic performance and attention to detail, the K-series truck sets a new standard for the segment in every respect.

Wherever you need to go…it’s ready

  • Covered rear gate chain
    The wraparound cover protects the chain from corrosion, thus maintaining lifelong use.
  • Easily operated catcher
    Promises better grip thanks to its ergonomic handle while the inner spring ensures smooth movement.
  • Round-edged brim cover
    Allows easier loading and unloading as well as greater durability than edged designs.
  • Front fog lamps
    Ensure maximum visibility in foggy conditions so that you get the job done safely.

Designed for your needs

  • Power & tilt steering wheel
    Makes maneuvering the K-series truck a breeze while also allowing you to set your preferred steering wheel height position for maximum comfort.
  • Radio+CD+MP3+Bluetooth with USB+AUX & audio remote control
    Fills the riding space with premium sound while offering maximum connectivity to external music devices.
  • Glove box
    Offers convenient storage solutions for small items while providing up to 11.13 litres of total space.
  • Bluetooth steering wheel controls
    Enables use of your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone for a safe journey.


A-II 2.7 diesel engine
The improved 2,665 cc J2 engine is a normally aspirated unit which produces 80 ps (66 kW) at 4,000 rpm and 16.8 kg·m (165 Nm) of torque at 2,400. It generates quiet, capable and economic efficiency.


  • Back warning system
    The back warning system uses sensors to alert you to any obstacles behind the vehicle.
  • Disc Brake
    The 14” disc brake is activated by the enhanced master cylinder. Improved from the previous 9” single booster, the K4000G obtains more capacity with 8”+9” tandem type.

Harga K2700 BIG UP

3 type available
Type Harga
BIG UP (Pick Up) STD 2.7 (NON AC)L M/T 2019 (non AC)Rp 196.000.000
BIG UP (BOX) 2.7L M/T 2019 Rp 235.500.000
BIG UP (Pick Up) STD AC 2,7L M/TRp 203.700.000
*harga dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu
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Yenni Kurniawaty
Sales Executive
Yenni Kurniawaty
Sales Executive

Yenni Kurniawaty

Sales Executive
Dealer Resmi KIA Jakarta - JL. Pantai indah selatan 1 - ST/A. Pantai Indah Kapuk - jakarta utara 14470
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